Why League

  • Football is gaining popularity in India amongst the youth and kids want to play football at a competitive level rather than for fun. The league gives that opportunity for the kids to play regularly.
  • There are many tournaments in New Delhi but hardly any league which gives them to play an European style league where a football season consists of continuous playing for 9 months.
  • Knockout tournaments will not give kids enough playing time and learning compared to playing in league. League gives you an opportunity to play matches every week whereas in knockout tournament if you lose a game you’re out of the competition.
  • League will help the coaches to evaluate their teams week in week out and check whether the team is developing and showing consistency.
  • The league has seen a lot of school teams participating which helps them to test their team for inter-school tournaments.
  • The league has also seen a lot of youth I-league teams participating and take the DYL as a pre-season league before they play the national competition.